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Jack Forman is back

...but let's be honest: was he ever really here to begin with?

While you think about that, allow me to sneakily tell you about his SECOND album for families, which "dropped" in February of 2019. First of all, I know what you're thinking: who dropped it, did they drop it like it was hot, and did it injure anyone when it landed? I am not going to dignify those questions with answers. Instead, I'll tell you that if it did indeed drop, whose fault was it if not Sir Isaac Newton himself??? Think about it.

Okay, okay, fine. Yes, it's a new album. It's called Office Hours and it has a dozen (I checked) songs on it, and most of them will make you laugh. Two might make you cry. One will definitely make you wonder if Jack got a signed release form from the Scottish rock duo The Proclaimers. Veterinarians might be alarmed by the premise of the second song, but I assure you NO CATS WERE HARMED IN THE RECORDING OF THIS ALBUM.

But now, one last question for you: who am I?

Well THAT is easy! I am Shadoe Stevens and THIS! IS! THE! HOLLYWOOD! SQUARES!!!

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