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Jack Forman is still trying to figure out what he's going to do when he grows up... but he's gotten a lot done in the meantime.

The Grammy-nominated family musician has produced 14 albums with his acclaimed band, Recess Monkey; played over 1000 highly-caffeinated shows for kids and their handlers; and hosted his own nationally broadcast daily call-in show for over a decade on satellite radio. Add in four solo LPs and over 100 pounds of home-roasted coffee and, well, that's a lot!

A longtime elementary school teacher, Jack’s trained in the art of celebrating kid-driven ideas. From songs inspired by kid callers, to dinnertime shenanigans with his own kids, he’s just as likely to set kids up for the punch line as to take one of his own. Either way, there’s a pretty high likelihood of someone squirting milk out of their nose. (Ideally non-dairy)

Jack won the Issaquah Junior Bike Rodeo in the third grade. His secret was "riding slow." His first live show was Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. His favorite cheese variety is "all."

Jack laughs in the office.
Jack, wearing a pink suit, is holding a metal dinging bell with another hand high above his head, about to press the button!
Three versions of Jack are blended together, one singing, one whispering, and one smiling broadly.
Jack emerges from a potted plant and leans against an office time clock.
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