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Jack leans on his hand and smiles as he looks off into the distance in his office.
Jack sits atop his enormous telephone with the words "Call Jack Now!" and his phone number, 505-933-5225

Call Jack NOW!



After 19 years as a family musician and 11 years on the air, Jack Forman is proud to feature a BRAND NEW SHOW on Patreon: "Jack Forman's Monkey House."

Listen now now and become a subscriber! 

Got a special event you want to commemorate!? Book a Cameo message!

New MERCH is dropping every week- JUST IN: OFFICIAL SPATULA PRIZES!

The Cover of Jack Forman's Album "Can't Buy a Thrill Ride," which shows a photo of a photo of a photo of a broken horse ride.
The Cover of Jack Forman's Album "Hold the Phone" which depicts Jack lifting the receiver of a giant rotary-style telephone.
The Cover of Jack Forman's Album "Office Hours," which depicts Jack sitting casually in a wood paneled office with feet up.
The Cover of Jack Forman's Album "Songs From the Monkey House," which depicts Jack in a bright pink suit in a pink room.
Straight outta the Monkey House!
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Hold the Phone is out NOW!
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Office Hours is widely available!
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Jack's first solo album!
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